Our New Trucks!

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The Homemag

Take a look at our Homemag ad on page 42.

Print it out and bring it in our showroom to receive your coupon!

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The 15th Annual Winter Home & Garden Show

Organization: Harborside Event Center

Home improvement trade show featuring local vendors… See the newest in home improvement products and services. Furnishings, accessories, decorating and remodeling ideas. The latest from floor to roof, patio to pool, deck to dock, inside and out.
Adults: $5.00, 18 and Under: FREE

Date: Saturday – January 8, 2011
Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Venue: Harborside Event Center
Address: 1375 Monroe Street
Location: Downtown Fort Myers

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Environmentally-Friendly Paver Options…

Here are some options for installing environmentally-friendly pavers anywhere in your home, commercial building or condo.


AquaPaver, as the latest environmentally-friendly hardscape product from Tremron Group, provides sharp styling and optimum protection against storm water run-off, allowing for the readmission of water into the ground and the natural re-charge of the aquifer. Plus, Tremron’s AquaPavers help protect the environment from dangerous pollutants in storm water run-off. AquaPavers, with their beautiful unique shape, versatile design and superior permeability, are the ideal solution for eco-friendly hardscape design and optimum aesthetic appeal. Also available in tumbled variety. Available in 9 5/8″ X 5″.

Available in 3 1/8″ thickness.

9 5/8″ X 5″

Sizes shown are rounded to nearest 1/8″.


SF-Rima permeable pavements reduce or eliminate storm water runoff, decrease flooding and relieve sewer systems. Manufactured 3 1/8″ thick, SF-Rima provides a sturdy pavement for vehicular traffic. SF-Rima, with its unique spacer design, can be installed nub to block (1/2″ joints) for water drainage or nub to nub (1″ joints) for greater water drainage and turf growth. Perfect for both residential and commercial uses.

8″ x  8″

Sizes shown are rounded to nearest 1/8″.


Providing a permanent solution to soil erosion problems, Turfblock can be used in a wide variety of applications, from fire routes and parking areas to residential applications such as driveways and patios. Turfblock apertures can support turf growth or decorative gravel. Ideal for slope protection on embankments.

23  5/8″  x  15  3/4″

Sizes shown are rounded to nearest 1/8″.

Pervious Pavers

A permeable, environmentally-friendly interlocking paver designed to allow water to flow through the paver and be recaptured in the subsoil.

4″ X 8″ or Olde Towne sizes. Not recommended for vehicular traffic.

Brick 4″ x  8″
Olde Towne Sizes
4  3/4″ x  6  1/4″
6  1/4″ x  6  1/4″
6  1/4″ x  9  1/2″

Sizes shown are rounded to nearest 1/8″.

Contact one of our paver specialist for more details. (239)566-1202

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